Non-Gaming Virtual Reality Applications

Non-Gaming VR Applications

As well as games, there are many non-gaming applications available for your Rift.

Social VR

Social VR allows you to feel like you’re physically right next to another person or group of people, despite them being up to thousands of miles away in reality. You can speak to them with your voice and they sound just like they would in reality.

Public spaces allow you to meet new people, and private rooms allow you to hang out with your friends.

Platform Public Spaces Private Rooms Rift Gear VR SteamVR
AltspaceVR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
BigScreen Yes (Small) Yes Early Access Planned Yes
High Fidelity Yes No Open Beta No Yes
JanusVR Yes No Yes No Yes
Rec Room Yes Yes Yes No Yes
SportsBar VR Yes (Small) Yes Yes No No
VRChat Yes Yes Yes Planned Yes
vTime Yes (Small) Yes Yes Yes No

VR Films

VR films/shorts are realtime rendered stories. They place you inside an an environment where a story unfolds around you- as if you’re inside a film scene.

Title Producer Runtime Price
ABE VR Hammerhead VR 7 Minutes Free
Allumette Penrose Studios 18 minutes Free (For a limited time)
COLOSSE Colosse Team 3 minutes Free
Dear Angelica [Exclusive] Oculus Story Studio 15 minutes Free
Henry [Exclusive] Oculus Story Studio 10 minutes Free (For a limited time)
Invasion! Baobab Studios 5 minutes Free (For a limited time)
Lost [Exclusive] Oculus Story Studio 4 minutes Free (For a limited time)
The Elevator Ritual Samson Films ~12 minutes $2.99
The Rose And I Penrose Studios 4 minutes Free


These applications allow you to experience something that you cannot or could not in real life (easily), without being an interactive game or specifically telling a story.

NOTE: Only complete and polished content which provide a compelling experience are listed here, not tech demos or prototypes.

Name Description Trailer Price
Apollo 11 Become an astronaut on the Apollo 11 moon mission, from launch to walking on the moon. Watch $14.99
Disney Movies VR Visit themed worlds, including Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm, and interact with some of your favorite characters. Free
Everest VR Join an expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Watch $14.99
Kismet Meet a mystical fortune teller every day Watch $7.99
Mission:ISS [Exclusive] Take a trip into orbit and experience life on board the International Space Station, then take a space walk. Watch Free
Ocean Rift Be immersed in a vivid underwater world filled with sealife. Watch $9.99
Oculus Dreamdeck [Exclusive] A reel of short scenes showcasing the ability of VR to make you feel like you’re somewhere else. Free
Oculus First Contact [Exclusive] A magical introduction to hand prescence in VR and the potential of Oculus Touch. Watch Free
Perfect Leave behind the daily grind and slip away to beautiful and relaxing locations. Watch $9.99
Realities View photogrammetry scenes from around the world. Watch Free
Senza Peso A VR mini-opera: journey through a beautifully dark world of lost souls and redemption. Watch Free
SDV VR Experience Sit inside an underwater SEAL Delivery Vehicle. Free
Sketchfab VR Explore remote places, fantastic creatures, game worlds, cultural heritage, science and other wonders. Watch Free
Star Chart Explore the solar system. $9.99
Surge An abstract music video in VR. Free
Titans of Space Take a tour through an authentic miniature Solar System and learn about the planets within it. Watch $7.99
theBlu A close up encounter with an 80 foot whale. Watch $9.99
The Body VR Travel through the human body, enter cells, and learn how blood cells and organelles work to fight viruses. Watch Free
The Grand Canyon VR Experience Take a serene kayak trip into the heart of The Grand Canyon. Watch $4.99
The Impossible Travel Agency Visit impossible fantastical places with serene music and narration. Watch $4.99
The Martian VR Experience Fly to Mars, steer at zero gravity through space, drive a rover, and experience key scenes from the film. Watch $9.99
The Night Cafe Explore the most famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh as if you’re somehow inside them. Watch Free
Thrills & Chills Roller Coasters Experience a high speed ride over a vast city. Watch $4.99
We Wait Meet a Syrian refugee family about to embark on their second perilous attempt to cross the sea from Turkey to Greece. Free
Woofbert Experience some of the world’s top museums and art as if you were there. Free


Name Description Price
in.block Easily 3D model with voxel cubes. Free
Kingspray Graffiti Graffiti spray walls alone or with friends. $14.99
Makebox Build 3D models with colourful blocks. $9.99
Oculus Medium [Exclusive] Sculpt objects and scenes with virtual clay. $29.99
Quill [Exclusive] Draw and paint in 3D, with advanced features including layers. $29.99
Tilt Brush Easily draw and paint in 3D. $29.99

NOTE: Oculus Medium and Quill come free with Oculus Touch purchases.


Name Usage Price
Arachnophobia VR therapy for arachnophobia. $4.99
BigScreen [Early Access] View and use your desktop on a virtual monitor, with your friends. Free
CINEVEO View traditional video/movies on a huge virtual screen in a variety of environments. $9.99
Destinations Create, share and explore imaginary worlds. Free
Fearless [Early Access] VR therapy for various phobias. $9.99
Grove Internet browser. $4.99
Hulu Browse and watch Hulu in scenic virtual environments. $7.99 per month
Oculus Video [Exclusive] View traditional video/movies on a huge virtual screen in a variety of environments. Free
Open VR Video Player 360 degree video player for VR. Free
3D Organon VR Anatomy A fully-featured anatomy atlas. $29.99
Virtual Desktop View and use your desktop on a virtual monitor. Also a 360 degree video/photo viewer. $14.99
Whirligig Media Player Immersive media player for playing multiple photo and video formats $3.99
vrAMP [Early Access] VR music visualizer and player. $14.99

360° Video Platforms

Name Type Link
Discovery VR Education Download
Inception Music/Culture Download
Jaunt VR Variety Download
Sky VR Variety Download eSports Download
Within Variety Download
Oculus Video [Exclusive] Facebook Download